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BCS Meta Man and the Business Connectivity Services

I’m in Seattle now for 10 days. Last trip this year – probably. I had thought San Francisco in November was to be the last but that wasn’t to be true. Seattle though is one place I don’t mind having to travel to. Always an interesting reason for the visit plus everybody is friendly and the place generally has a good vibe to it.

Everything has been really crazy over at Lightning Tools since June. The SharePoint Conference took place in October and we had been working like crazy to get ready for it. Finally we were able to talk about the Business Connectivity Services, the new version of the Business Data Catalog, and our plans for it with regards BDC Meta Man. Well BDC Meta Man has now become BCS Meta Man – you can tell it took us a while to come up with that name! :-)

A week or so ago we released an initial Alpha of BCS Meta Man. You can get that download from here:

BCS Meta Man is now a Visual Studio 2010 Extension. With the Business Connectivity Services now able to use a Dot Net Assembly as a data source we are using the power of Visual Studio 2010 to generate all the BCS model and C# code you’ll need to get going quickly with the BCS. Please feel free to download it and give it a try – we’d really appreciate any feedback and ideas you have for the tool – email them over to

I’ve also been writing up a lot of BCS content over on the Lightning Tools blog. If you’re reading this blog, then make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed for the LT blog as the LT team will be writing tons of great SharePoint 2010 content over the coming months.

Finally, if you are in Seattle over the next 7 days – ping me a message and we’ll try and meet up!

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