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Outstanding customer service

We often spend so much time complaining on blogs I think it’s right that when someone does something good we mention it too. I was having dinner tonight at the restaurant that is part of the Marriott hotel in Redmond. As I sat down a large group of people were just ordering so I knew that I may have to wait a while but I had a book to read so no issue.

It did take may be 15 mins longer for the starter to turn up – but I wasn’t fussed and the manager was nice enough to bring over a free drink. When my main meal arrive just after I finished the starter I had an invitation for breakfast ‘on the executive chef’ as a thanks for being so patient. I didn’t have to complain or anything – it was all done without a mention on my part.

Needless to say what was a great experience in the restaurant due to great food became exceptional due to leaving with a nice happy feeling – and I know where I’ll be coming back to stay in Redmond next time.

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