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New Year – new BDC Meta Man release

Happy New Year to everybody. Hope you all had a nice break over the festive period and got to hang out with people you like! I’ve managed to virtually stay away from my computer for two weeks which has been fantastic! The first few days are hard – but from then on you kinda want to make it a permanent thing! :) Retirement here I come!

Anyway – back to the important stuff. If you are back to work today and try using BDC Meta man in the developer mode you’ll notice it has expired. We make the license run to the 1st Jan each time just to ensure people get a new version every now and again to pick up new features and bug fixes.

Version is now up, and the developer license will be valid until 1/1/2010. Click here to download the latest version of BDC tool.

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# re: New Year – new BDC Meta Man release

I was planing on not closing my instance of Developer edition to get me through next year
1/5/2009 2:07 PM | bazztrap

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