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Keeping up with SharePoint, blogs, pod casts etc

As you may remember I’m not a particular fan of email and my inbox. For keeping up with blogs and rss I used to rely on FeedDemon which is a fantastic application, but it got to the point where I felt like it was another inbox – with pressure on me to read every item that came in. I know you have the panic button and can easily mark all as read but what if I missed something really important!

To be honest – if it is really that important when you do need to find it you can easily search for it! There’s too much information out there in general for you to be able to take everything in! So here is how I approach things now…

For SharePoint info, I check

Ok not all the main SharePoint blogs are on there but incase someone blogs about something of here you can rely on the main people to call it out. A quick 2 minute scan every day will let me know if there’s anything new worth looking at.

For business, marketing and more general development feeds (as I’ve been doing more around I use I’ve got 2 pages setup, one with the business feeds and one with development. Again a quick scan of these daily and I’ll see if there’s anything important for me to look at.

The good thing about alltop and netvibes is that as time goes by and more stuff gets published the things you aren’t bothered about will just drop off. No more inbox type items pressurizing me into having to read everything!

And what if I do see something that I might want to refer to later (without having to rely on search!)? Well I’m sure I’m late to the game on this one but is the answer for me. As you can see I’ve not tagged much, but then again I don’t really need to!

And for PodCasts? Well for that I’m just using iTunes. I know people think it’s a hog and they are probably right but it works well for me.

So how are you managing information overload?

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