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Polyphasic Sleep Experiment

I've often thought about trying to cut down on the amount of sleep I have. Generally I need to have about 8 hours a night, or if I have less I take a power nap at some point during the day - the pleasures of working from home.

I'd seen about Polyphasic sleep before on the BBC breakfast program when one of the presenters did the experiment. Basically you stay awake for 4-6 hours, then have a nap of about 30-60 mins. There are more details about it here on wikipedia:

I'd considered giving it a go before but a number of things stopped me:

1, I was working at client sites and I don't think they'd be too happy if I announced in the middle of a meeting I had to take a short break for a sleep!

2, I was teaching a SharePoint dev class. 'You guys carry on for a bit, I'll get up from underneath the desk in 30 mins'. I can imagine the evaluations wouldn't be too good!

I've got a good period when I'll be working at home though to concentrate on the product development stuff and so my thoughts turned to the idea again. Reading up on someone else who had done the experiment it does seem quite hopeful:

One thing about the process that Steve took was worrying me still - 30 mins sleep every 4 hours. A round of golf can take between 3-4 hours, plus the time driving there and warming up and down (in the bar) means it could be closer to 6 hours! So I've had to come up with my own plan - 30 mins sleep every 6 hours. This equates to 2 hours sleep a day. But the 6 hour gap between sleeps should enable me to get in a round of golf every weekend. In the summer I can see myself playing more golf and wanting to spend more time outdoors so I've decided to only try this until 1st April - when the golf season starts again!

Whether it will work with only 4 slots of 30 mins instead of the 6 that Steve took we'll soon find out. What I may end up trying is raising it to 45 mins of sleep.

I'll keep you updated here on how it is going - how regular the posts are may depend on how well I stay awake. Also follow me on Twitter which is more likely to be updated on a sleep by sleep basis! :)

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